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Living Will

A living will is used to inform your family, friends, and physicians about whether to consent to artificial respiration or artificial nutrition (feeding tube) in the event you have a terminal illness. A living will can also be used to express a preference for allowing pain medication and other efforts to provide comfort to you at the end of your life, even if doing so might hasten your death. The attorneys at Schulz Reagan LLC can help you customize this document to address other health care concerns, as well.

At Schulz Reagan, LLC we view the living will as an essential companion to a health care representative designation. The living will serves as the instruction manual you provide your health care representative regarding how you want to be treated if you are faced with these difficult choices and are unable to decide for yourself. We find that a clear living will can help mitigate the burden of difficult medical decisions faced by your health care representative.

Disclaimer: This summary is not intended to be comprehensive, and should not be construed as legal advice for your particular situation. Nothing in this website is intended to substitute for legal representation. 

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