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Family Law

Advocacy, Mediation, Collaborative Practice, Guardian ad Litem Services

At Schulz Reagan, LLC, our attorneys represent clients in an array of family law matters in south central Indiana, primarily in Monroe, Owen, Lawrence, Greene, and Brown counties. 

In any family matter, we believe our clients get the best results when we work together as partners. We know the law; you know your situation.

Our firm prides itself on communication. All documents are automatically sent to you the day they are received, filed, or sent. We return phone calls and e-mails promptly. Most importantly, we explain the relevant statutes and case law, the practices of local courts, and what to expect out of each of your options. Only when you really understand the context for the decisions you'll need to make can you feel comfortable selecting the options that will work best for you.


We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to family matters. Your family is unique, and you need a customized approach to your legal issue. At Schulz Reagan, LLC, we offer a number of options, including informal settlement meetings, mediation, court hearings, or the Collaborative process. We can also offer limited scope services where we assist only with specified aspects of your legal matter. 

While Kara and Matt both advocate for clients in family law matters, Kara is also a registered and experienced Domestic Relations Mediator. In this role, she serves as a neutral to help parties come to a mutually agreeable solution to the issues they face. Finally, Kara regularly serves as a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem, tasked with representing children's best interests in the courtroom. 

The types of family law matters we handle include:

If you would like to schedule a consultation for a family law matter, please call us at 812-339-6055. 

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